Sally Langwah

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Born in Nashville, Tennessee, Sally Langwah
was raised in a military family and moved
14 times in her first 17 years.

Through her travels, which extended from
Nashville to San Juan, Puerto Rico,
she developed her talent for learning a
variety of accents and entertaining others
by singing and acting.

As an adult, and after being encouraged to use
her 3 1/2 octave range by a voice teacher,
she auditioned and won the role of Maria in
"The Sound of Music," for which she won
an award for Favorite Female Vocalist.
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Later, after being encouraged by an agent to
develop her impression of Marilyn Monroe,
she auditioned and became a finalist in
Ed MacMahon's "Next Big Star" competition, singing as Marilyn. She later appeared as
Marilyn Monroe for a Fox TV segment. 

Since then, she has developed three very
successful one-woman impression shows
ALL using her own voice!

(usually 7 -8 celebrity tributes per hour show)
with the use of wigs, glitz, props, comedy,
and audience participation.
Her Vegas Buddies Show includes tributes to
superstars spanning 70 years, From Mae West and
Marlene Dietrich to Marilyn Monroe and Cher.

Her Nashville Buddies show impressions range
from Loretta Lynn and Patsy Cline,
to Minnie Pearl, and Wynona.

Sally's Broadway Buddies Show pays tribute to some of
the most memorable musicals of all-time,
with impressions from Julie Andrews and
Reba McIntyre to Liza Minnelli.

Sally and her husband, Roy, are also a very popular
duo for full variety dances, from waltzes to the
Electric Slide and more, with the use of background
tracks and state-of-the-art sound equipment.